Thursday, May 24, 2012 thing I forgot to say!

Oh...I forgot, I went to my doctor, and he had not seen me since last year.  He was very pleased with my weight loss (of 74 pounds when I saw him) and as he dictated, he stated Patient has lost a large amount of weight intentionally, and I do mean intentionally on the Atkins diet, I will be very interested as to what her choleresterol is at this point!  Well I had labs done last week, and have not heard back from them as of yet.  Will post it when I find out!!!  I asked him if he thought Atkins was bad for me, and he said at this point anything that can get the weight off of you-----I am all for!!!!!  LOL

Sorry I Have Been Busy!!!

Well here it is May 24th, and I am very pleased to say even though I have been busy with work and school, I lack one pound and I will have reached an 80 pound weight loss mark!!!!  Goooooooooooo Me!  And I continue on an on!  I don't understand why someone would prefer to starve on little caloric counts when you can truly eat lavishly and never be hungry!!!!  It has been months since I have tasted potatoes, but, I did learn to make a mean faux mashed potatoes with Cauliflower, recipe is in the Low Carbing with Friends Book!  Even my husband said you can fix this anytime!!!  My bread is mock danish, and other easily fixed faux bread recipes!  I wanted spaghatti, and bought spaghetti squash, baked it while I fixed my spaghetti sauce, and you talk about something good!!!!  It was delicious.  If I keep on I think I might even convert my husband to low carbing.  So far he loves the recipes that I cook!  I talked to a friend I have not seen in several months and she had the lap band surgery, and lost 115 pounds, and says she has to eat 5-6 tiny meals a day.  I really felt sorry for her, because I do NOT starve or eat tiny meals!!!!  The pounds continue to come off and its really not hard.  I don't even think of myself on a diet, just that I can't eat the things that my body does not tolerate well.....HIGH CARBS!!!  Do yourself and your friends a favor and kindly introduce them to low carbing, they will thank you for it as their weigh falls off!!!!
I will try to take more pics of the new recipes that I try as I go along.  
Here I am 59 working, losing weight, and back in school!!!!!  Wow is that me?  I wonder sometimes, because for a while I was just settling for growing old and letting my dreams pass me by.....No more!!!!!  I am convinced now that I can do it all!!!!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

You CAN have frozen treat!

Thanks to Jennifer on her blog at Splendid Low Carbing at:

She has a wonderful blog and has lots of wonderful recipes to share.  Thanks Jennifer for your web site and all the recipes.

Take a trip to her site, the visit is well worth it!!!!
It does show, low carbing does NOT have to be drab!!!

Till tommorrow, have a wonderful blessed evening!!!


Friday, February 24, 2012

Which Low Carb Dish Do I Make Next?

Had to go out of town today and could not cook. Tommorrow I plans to make a loaf of low carb bread. I do miss bread but don't have to since there are low carb bread recipes. If anyone knows of some good low carb bread machine recipes, please share it with me.
Thank you :-)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

If you have trouble keeping track of your carbs

If you have trouble keeping track of your carbs, Atkins sells the Atkins Journal -your personal journey toward a new you-is a 120 day record.   So if your not losing as quickly as you should be, you should journal and it will help you keep on track.  I think it sells for about 12.99 at Books-a-million.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hit my 60 pound weight loss mark today!!!

Was very tired when I got in from work yesterday, but, I was thinking as I got on the scale yesterday evening, now I know better than to weigh in the evenings cause usually my weight is up in the evenings.  To my pleasant surprise~~~~I hit my 60 pound weight loss mark yesterday!!!!  Gooooooooooo Me!!!!  Low carbing really works!!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Low-Carb Taco Bake!
Yesterday evening I pulled out my wonderful Low Carbing Among Friends and cooked the Low-Carb Taco Bake.  OMG it was so easy to cook.  What was funny, while I was preparing the bottom layer from the heavy cream, eggs, taco seasoning, and cheese, my husband said you really think that is going to make a good bottom for the dish?  I told him yes, just wait and see.  Well after I removed it from the oven he was in the kitchen with me wanting to dig in!!!!  So I cut him a slice and he tasted it and after two bites, he said "this is some good stuff"  You can make this like I needed permission to cook it for him!!!!  He then said you know this would also be good for breakfast, to which I quicky agreed.  This morning before I left for work, I did eat a slice and it was goooooooooood!!!!  I will definately make it again! The recipe can be found in the Low-Carbing Among Friends on page 294. And it is induction friendly at 4.0g of net carbs.  Yep...low carbing definately does not have to be drab.  I just love my Low-Carbing Among Friends Cookbook!!!!